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Compassionate, Professional Care

For Your Entire Family.

If you are sick, call our office. We are committed to seeing a patient within 24 hours but in most cases, see our patients same day.

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From newborn to young adults, services to include well
care visits, sick visits, childhood vaccinations...

ADULT patient care.png

Adult care ranges from chronic to acute care conditions including but not limited to
diabetes, high blood pressure...

womens health.png

Gynecological checkups, mammograms, peri-
menopause and menopause symptom management...

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As our patients care needs change in later adulthood, our staff provide support...

Empowering Our Patients
At Every Appointment

Dr. Wirths, D.O. and the entire Fore Your Health Family Medicine team pride themselves on being a partner in patient healthcare decisions, from birth to the last years of life.

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Our Hours

We strive to provide our patients the best of care.

MONDAY                     7AM - NOON  |  1PM - 4PM

TUESDAY                   7AM - NOON  |  1PM - 4PM

WEDNESDAY            7AM - NOON  |  1PM - 7PM

THURSDAY                7AM - NOON  |  1PM - 4PM

FRIDAY                        7AM - NOON

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